Professional brush kit

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Professional brush kit


1. Powder/blush brush
This super soft and luxurious brush imitating natural fur is perfect for applying loose or pressed powder. It can also be used to apply blush and contour to the face.
With a round shape, it is the ideal size for a controlled and localized application of make-up

2. Base brush
A brush made of high quality synthetic bristles with a rounded shape, inspired by the famous round makeup sponges.
Can be used to apply foundation, cream blush and highlighter. Used in cream or liquid textures, it makes application quick and easy allowing for a natural, streak-free finish.

3. Corrector brush

The shape of this brush makes it ideal for applying concealer to smaller or larger areas and creating a perfect make-up base! It’s also great for applying cream shadows.

4. Large blending brush

An essential brush to make a perfect smokey eye!
Very soft, made with natural hair imitation bristles, it has a conical shape that is great for effortlessly applying and blending eyeshadow.

5. Small blending brush

Made with bristles imitating natural fur.
With a smaller shape, perfect for defining smaller eyes or applying spot shadows.

6. Definition Brush

The conical shape of this brush allows for quick and easy definition of the crease.
It can also be used to apply lipstick to make that blur effect on the lips.

7. Eyeliner/lip brush

A daily use brush to apply or blend eyeliner or even apply lipstick!
Can be used with powder, liquid or cream textures. The pointed shape with firm bristles allow for optimal control.

8. Brow brush/eyeliner

Perfect eyebrows in an instant! This all-purpose brush creates both glamorous, groomed brows and smoky eyeliner in a second!
Use with powder, cream or liquid textures.